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Love & Freedom

Love & Freedom

This strange year is almost over and we must admit that during 2020 we all experienced a really difficult time. For myself 2020 was a year of new decisions and beginnings but also a year of soul searching while I discovered the real important things in my life. These important things are the ones that helped my survive during the year of the pandemic. After a lot of thought I decided that -apart from health- LOVE and FREEDOM are absolutely necessary for me and I believe for the most of you. Love and affection I feel and receive from my family, my husband and children. I was lucky enough to have a hug and a kiss from those people while others were not allowed to get close or touch their loved ones. This thought led me to create the “Hug” ring which I presented a few posts ago (here). My freedom though was something I really missed. I am the type of person who likes to travel and move around a lot and 2020 was a year of lockdown, fear and isolation. We were not allowed to travel or we were too scared to jump into a plane or ship and go to some place. Summer holidays lasted 2 months and I was very lucky to have a house on an island but this year’s summertime was strange as we felt “comfortably numb” (like Pink Floyd sing) most of the days.

A butterfly for 2021

Although I rarely make lucky charms, this year I decided to design a little piece of jewelry to symbolize LOVE and FREEDOM. For this purpose I reused and adjusted some silver motifs that I made a few months ago for the purpose of a student project cancelled by the first lockdown. These pieces were left aside for months but I kept on thinking about doing something with them. By the end of October 2020 my idea was clear and I started sketching the new symbolic piece that expresses LOVE and FREEDOM. The design combines two abstract heart shapes -LOVE- that come together and  form a strange butterfly -FREEDOM. The delicate and light charm can be worn as a necklace or a single earring. Every piece is unique and has a random shape which makes it more personal for each one and more precious, too. It is made of sterling silver and I hope that you like it as much as I do. I wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR full of LOVE and FREEDOM!