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Summer time is inspiration time

Summer time is inspiration time

Summer time is inspiration time

I am one of those lucky people who spend a lot of time by the sea during summer vacations. My shelter is at the beautiful island of Syros in the middle of the Cyclades. Every day I enjoy diving into the amazing blue Aegean sea and walk on the golden warm sand surrounded by the beauty of the Cycladic landscape.

The beauty of Cycladic landscape

Golden hour at the beachCyclades is an island complex with a common feature. These islands have are very dry due to the small amount of rain and the lack of other water sources. This results to a very characteristic type of flora that can survive in such difficult conditions. The plants that grow there are mainly dry bushes like wild thyme, sage, many types of thistles and many others. All these plants are my inspiration during summer time and I enjoy observing, sketching and smelling them. They are a true delight of all human senses.

Another source of inspiration is the soil, the sand and the sea pebbles. Their color transforms during the day and especially the pebbles that resemble of precious gems when they lay on the seashore. The sand has a color that turns from gray to white and gold. During the afternoon its color has an amazing bright and vivid shade that I can’t describe. The word “gold” is not enough. The soil that comes from the hills is so dry like dust but yet so useful for all these herbs that grow in this inhospitable land.

And then the sea. Not just a sea but the Aegean sea that is one of the most beautiful, transparent and crisp seas in this world. The blue color. The light gray and white when wavy. The purple, yellow, red, pink and so on during the sunset. Who can resist? Who won’t get lost being there in this exquisite landscape?

Summer is my first and best source of inspiration

For me summer is the season for thinking. It is the time to empty my mind and soul from everything else for new ideas to be born. And of course it is the time to take a lot of beautiful pictures in this amazing scenery.

Silver ring on the sand




Hope you are having a productive and relaxing summer!

Love you all!