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Symbols of Tenderness

The Hug - Illustration Katerina Glinou

Symbols of Tenderness

It was the beginning of 2020 when I started making this website. The photo shooting lasted  a few days and photo editing about a week. Then I had to write descriptions and stories about my work in English. Not so easy as it sounds. But in July 2020 the site was live and myself very happy with the result. This website is a personal portfolio of my handmade jewelry and a place to express my thoughts about life and how they reflect on art. Although I had great ” jewelry plans” 2020 turned out to be the year of the pandemic and most of us spent two to three months in quarantine. This period was very useful for me because I had the chance to rethink about life and priorities and of course I had a lot of time to make this website.  Times are strange and until now we don’t know what the pandemic will bring. Generally no one can predict the future but it is the first time in my life I understand that nothing can be taken for granted. We have to enjoy every minute of life and be grateful for the little things.

Quarantine thoughts

hug ring - katerina glinou

During the quarantine period we all had a chance to spend a lot of time with ourselves. The families and people living under the same roof where somehow more privileged. Having the family by your side is usually soothing. The singles had a tough time living on their own without friends and family around and no physical contact. In the times of corona virus a kiss or a hug can kill you. Isn’t that shocking? So my mind always travelled to those people who had to get through this difficult period of time alone. Those who had to avoid physical contact with parents and grandparents. Friends and relatives living in different cities or countries not able to travel to their loved ones. I thought of all the people who could not enjoy the privilege of a simple hug with ones they love while I had everything and everyone under the same roof without problems or difficulties. At the end of summer I decided to design some pieces inspired by the small acts of tenderness and calmness that many of us missed during the quarantine period. As I wrote in my previous post my new designs will be done directly on metal  and although I never design annual lucky charms I plan, just for this year, to make some unique pieces that symbolize safety, bliss and tranquility.


The “Hug” Ring

The "Hug" ring by katerina GlinouIn this post I present the first piece of jewelry inspired by my quarantine thoughts. I named it “Hug” and it is a dainty sterling silver adjustable ring that embraces the finger like two fragile arms. My love for really small pieces is present in almost all metal collections. It is very challenging to create tiny jewelry with details. I find it quite interesting when I have to deal with mistakes and accidents on my pieces. For example the details of the “Hug” ring broke two times in the process. It was annoying and made me think that I am exaggerating by trying to cut and file such a thin wire. But, you know, I love the procedure. The smaller the better and the more challenging it gets the better silversmith you become. And since I am almost self taught in jewelry making the only way I can go further is with …destruction! So “practice and all is coming” as we say in yoga classes. Practice with small pieces and who knows maybe someday I will become a great jeweler!

Love you all!